Golden West Biologicals and IsoSciences Agree to Form Joint Venture

New company to offer ready-to-use mass spectrometry kits, calibrators, and controls

Temecula, Calif. and King of Prussia, Pa. – June 10, 2014 - Golden West Biologicals, Inc. (GWB) and IsoSciences, LLC today announced their intent to form a joint venture to develop, manufacture, and market products to the liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry (LC-MS) market.

The joint venture will operate under the name CertiTrol™ and will capitalize on the strong reputation IsoSciences has developed as a leading provider of mass spectrometry standards and on GWB’s strength in the in vitro diagnostic/human sera market.

“With this announcement, IsoSciences and GWB are leveraging our combined expertise to position CertiTrol to become the leader in LC-MS consumables,” said Scott Landvatter, President at IsoSciences. “This partnership comes at a time when mass spectrometry is rapidly expanding in the clinical laboratory environment and cost effective, ready-to-use reference materials and methods are needed to ensure the accuracy of measurements.”

The collaboration will offer new product lines including standards, calibrators, controls, and kits under the CertiTrol name. It is expected that CertiTrol will launch its first product in the second half of 2014. GWB and IsoSciences will continue to provide their respective product offerings, which will not be affected by the joint venture.

“Our customers are faced with the challenging and time consuming task of preparing and validating internal LC-MS calibrators and standards prior to analysis,” said Brian Golie, President and CEO at GWB. “We believe the vision and synergies shared between IsoSciences and GWB will enable CertiTrol to develop unique products that will address these issues while providing a level of standardization and repeatability not currently available.”

About Golden West Biologicals, Inc.
Golden West Biologicals, Inc. (GWB) is a privately held company headquartered in Temecula, California. The company was formed in 1989 to directly address the need for cost effective and technically superior biological raw materials for in vitro diagnostic applications. GWB provides manufacturers and laboratories with over 80 human and animal biological products and is both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified. Additional information, including the complete line of products, can be found at the company website

About IsoSciences, LLC
IsoSciences, LLC, an MPD Chemicals company, is a world leader in providing custom synthesized isotope labeled compounds including intermediates, final drug substances, isotopically labeled biological standards, and exact concentration solutions. IsoSciences has worked closely with leaders in diagnostic testing labs, research universities, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies including CDC, NIH and NIST to establish an extensive catalog of mass spectrometry standards. Additional information, including the complete line of products, can be found at the company website

About MPD Chemicals
MPD Chemicals is a US-based manufacturer of specialty chemicals with over 75 years of global expertise in multiple technical areas, including complex organic synthesis, unique monomers, polymer development, organosilicon chemistries and stable isotope labeling. The individual business units that comprise MPD Chemicals are Monomer-Polymer and Dajac Labs, Silar, and IsoSciences. All three business units provide a combination of catalogue chemical offerings as well as custom, proprietary, critical, and enabling materials. To learn more about MPD Chemicals, please visit

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