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Processed Animal Serum
  • Animals are inspected for contagious diseases
  • Total Protein, filtration, specific analyte concentrations to meet customer specifications
  • Animal serum products may be charcoal treated, delipidized or resin treated if desired
  • Sterile, tissue culture grade available for most species

Description Catalog #
Bovine AS1000
Bocine Calf AS1010
Canine AS1020
Chicken AS1030
Donkey AS1040
Equine AS1050
Feline AS1060
Fetal Calf AS1070
Goat AS1080
Description Catalog #
Guinea Pig AS1090
Hamster AS1095
Monkey AS1100
Mouse AS1110
Newborn Bovine Calf AS1120
Porcine AS1130
Rabbit AS1140
Rat AS1150
Sheep AS1160
Animal Whole Blood & Plasma
  • Customer specified anti-coagulants ACD, CPD, CPDA-1, EDTA Heparin and Sodium Citrate
Description Catalog #
Bovine ABP2000
Bovine Calf ABP2010
Canine ABP2020
Chicken ABP2030
Donkey ABP2040
Equine ABP2050
Feline ABP2060
Fetal Bovine Calf ABP2070
Goat ABP2080
Description Catalog #
Guinea Pig ABP2090
Hamster ABP2095
Monkey ABP2100
Mouse ABP2110
Newborn Bovine Calf ABP2120
Porcine ABP2130
Rabbit ABP2140
Rat ABP2150
Sheep ABP2160

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